When we will ever get to communicate?!

For years, I have dealt with this issue. Communication.... Why must it be so hard? The year is 2024 We are so restrained from talking and communicating with eachother in a quicker and easier manner. We are limited to use the forms of technology from the very beginning, and we have not been able to advance since then due to circumstances and problems that are beyond me. It has been 50 or so years since the teletype creation, and we still use it today.

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I go to work everyday and am forced to use a teletype in order to communicate with coworkers, and the communication is anything but quick and easy. Discussions and ideas that could be communicated through another form of technology are instead discussed over 2 day periods due to the sloweness and out of date technology we are working with. All because no one wanted to fund the Minitel system! Why not?! No one trusted it in the first place. People were skeptical. That and the price was quite a lot to fund. Looking back however, Minitel could have advanced our communication and technology to another realm.


The idea sounded great, if only someone had funded it. The mintel system was supposed to be what connected an entire computing community together. Instead of just using one computer at a time and having to share the time with multiple users on one computer, the minitel system would have been able to combine both packet and circuit switching and would have been able to have multiple people communicate at once. Why hasn’t the idea been formed this many years later you might ask? Because the ability and want to combine both packet and circuit switching is very low and everyone seems to be weirdly ok with what we have now, which is still the timesharing system.... HOW?!?!


I do not understand how these people can still function with such worn out technology to communicate. I drive myself crazy every day over what could have been with the mintel system. It promised so many great things, yet here we are. Two weeks ago, we had a group project for our company that required a large amount of communication. We decided to communicate throughout the workday with the use of the Teletype. No one would respond for at least a day, sometim4s even more. It took us two weeks to get nearly half way done with the project, where it maybe could have taken 5 days to complete if we were just talking face to face to eachother. In general, everything is slow. I still hope one day we cam advance past this out of date techonology.

We just need the funds. No one is willing to put them up. I can understand, but it certainly frustrates me. Why not give it a shot. Could you imagine a world with a more advanced line of communication?

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